Waterproof Galax S4 Case

July 3, 2013

galaxy s4 waterproof cases

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It’s a Galaxy S4 waterproof case!…well… it’s a waterproof fancy ziplock bag.

Unfortunately there are no cases that are waterproof out today…you will need to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 active to get waterproofing.

Yep, the dudes over at Dandycases have made this universal waterproof bag that fits most of todays smartphones well enough to get an average rating of 4.5 stars on their product.

Really when you think about it this is the best option, because a full waterproof case you would have with you at all times would be huge and thick, you want this in a man, not in your phone case.

So if you’re going to be around water or doing any cool activities that might get your fancy new phone wet or dirty or sandy…just pop it in this bag case and your phone is all protected. If you’re man enough you can even take it up to 100 feet under water.

Shoot, you can even wear the thing around your neck with the included lanyard…this might repel the chicks, but if you’re married then who cares right?

Fits any device with a 5.3″ screen or smaller

galaxy s4 waterproof case

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