Verizon Galaxy S4 Active

July 1, 2013

As close as we are to getting rid of carrier exclusive phones, we’re still not there yet.

The Galaxy S4 Active for Verizon is only rumored to be coming soon…it might never happen, but we are hoping for at the very least a holiday 2013 release.

The galaxy S4 launched on all carriers which is great news for all the fans and customers…however for some reason the awesome new Galaxy S4 Active only launched on AT&T leaving all the people on Verizon without access to the new waterproof phone.

If you’re about to get a Galaxy S4 and you live an active life or work in areas that your phone might get a little roughed up or dunked in water the Galaxy S4 Active is the phone for you.

It’s basically a waterproof, tough version of the Galaxy S4. It has the same processor/RAM and it’s almost the same phone.

The S4 active has an 8MP camera, it has a camera button via the volume down button and it has a quick way to turn the flash light via the volume up.

The S4 active also has three physical buttons along the bottom.

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