Galaxy S4 Case

January 23, 2013


There are also some great leather cases too.

With over 656, 4 star reviews the i-Blason Prime galaxy s4 case is one of the most popular cases you can buy. Why the heck is this case so popular? Several reasons, but most of all it’s the value.

most popular  s4 cover

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Yes, they don’t charge a ridiculous $50 like OtterBox does. Instead, they give you a very similar case for under $15!

To start with this case looks awesome and you can choose from seven different colors.

It has a two layer design for ultimate protection, one inner layer that is a soft rubber case and the an out layer that is hard polycarbonate plastic that gives it impact protection.

There is a built in kickstand that you’d be surprised how handy it is to have.

It comes with a belt clip that you can use if you want to. It holds the phone very securely by the way.

Some of the features

  • Great rubber grip so it doesn’t slide around when holding but still slides in your pocket
  • Kickstand built in
  • headphone jack cover
  • belt clip
  • two layer strong design
  • low price
  • front case lip to protect screen


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Battery

Check the price and reviews here >>

I get at least 2 full days use out of this battery with light medium usage all day long! AMAZING battery.

There are a few extended batteries available for the Galaxy S4 that will double your battery life. They are around 3,500mAh to 5,000mAh and do a nice job of giving you enough battery life to just about make it through the day.

But which is the best extended battery available? That is an easy answer…the ZeroLemon Galaxy S4 7500mAh Extended Battery.

Yes the ZeroLemon Gs4 battery is an impressive 7,500mAh and for under $40 it even comes with a case that fits perfectly. For anyone wanting all day use and much more out of their Galaxy s4 without worrying about the tiny battery life, this is the battery for your.

Go read the customer reviews, they love this battery….oh yea it has a 180 day warranty too.

Yes, full NFC support for S Beam and Google Wallet

ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S4 7500mAh Extended Battery

galaxy s4 waterproof cases

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It’s a Galaxy S4 waterproof case!…well… it’s a waterproof fancy ziplock bag.

Unfortunately there are no cases that are waterproof out today…you will need to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 active to get waterproofing.

Yep, the dudes over at Dandycases have made this universal waterproof bag that fits most of todays smartphones well enough to get an average rating of 4.5 stars on their product.

Really when you think about it this is the best option, because a full waterproof case you would have with you at all times would be huge and thick, you want this in a man, not in your phone case.

So if you’re going to be around water or doing any cool activities that might get your fancy new phone wet or dirty or sandy…just pop it in this bag case and your phone is all protected. If you’re man enough you can even take it up to 100 feet under water.

Shoot, you can even wear the thing around your neck with the included lanyard…this might repel the chicks, but if you’re married then who cares right?

Fits any device with a 5.3″ screen or smaller

galaxy s4 waterproof case

The Galaxy S4 has officially sold 20 million phones sold in less then 60 days. Yes it’s out selling the Galaxy S3 by about 60%. They could break 50 million sold by the end of Christmas…or maybe even more. The holidays will surely see a large push in sales.

They will also have the Galaxy Note 3 coming out this fall or this holiday season to help push the Galaxy sells even further.

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Verizon Galaxy S4 Active

July 1, 2013

As close as we are to getting rid of carrier exclusive phones, we’re still not there yet. The Galaxy S4 Active for Verizon is only rumored to be coming soon…it might never happen, but we are hoping for at the very least a holiday 2013 release. The galaxy S4 launched on all carriers which is […]

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Galaxy S4 Spare Battery

June 7, 2013

Probably one of the main reasons you purchased the Galaxy S4 over the HTC ONE is that the GS4 has a removable battery. This is pretty important for most people because the battery on every phone goes bad eventually and it’s nice when you can simply pop the back cover off and slide a new […]

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Galaxy S4 Active

June 7, 2013

The waterproof Galaxy S4 is coming this summer…and it’s not a gimpy GS4 like the Galaxy S4 Mini. Yep, the Galaxy S4 Active has all the high end specs that the Galaxy S4 does AND has a tough outer shell along with full waterproofing. The Galaxy S4 Active is a sealed dust-proof and waterproof phone […]

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Galaxy S4 Battery Life

June 7, 2013

How does the Galaxy S4 battery hold up against all the other smartphones? Average Lets just say Samsung still hasn’t focused on the one major weakness that the smartphones have…the battery life. Sure, it is about the middle to high end of battery life among smartphones, but it can’t touch the RAZR MAXX (no other smartphone can […]

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Galaxy S4 Sales over 10 million in first 30 days

May 19, 2013

The super rich CEO of Samsung J.K. Shin says they fully expect the Galaxy S4 to sell over 10 million phones within only 30 days. This is pretty impressive and even more so when you think about that not all the USA carriers are just starting to sell them…they didn’t have them at the start […]

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Galaxy S4 Verizon Orders are shipping

May 19, 2013

Finally the Galaxy S4 is shipping to Verizon customers. This is probably not for all customers as they’ll probably run out of the first batch of phones and customers that ordered after the first ones might have to wait a week or so longer. This phone is selling like crazy and there are expected to […]

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